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Smart Cloud Bidding Platform

ATN E-Bidding offers a smart cloud bidding platform for buyers and vendors in multiple Live Bid sessions with graphical and detailed bid trend analysis report to users. The bidding event can be open or closed bid, following by the objectives to manage their negotiation process more transparent and efficiently from beginning to end.

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Increase Market Efficiency

With ATN E-Bidding, it removes the geographical limitation, and enable buyer in search of a global pool of vendor base to aggregate a govern demand & supply repository.

Better Final Purchase Cost

Focus in finding the vendor lowest or best possible price with the ATN E-Bidding process that will ultimately lead to reducing actual costs and assist in rediscovering competitive priorities such as:

Delivery reliability & timing

Drive Procurement Process Efficiency

Automation applied into the process of procurement with simplified preparation works as well as better, faster & accurate decision marking.
Enable transparency, embracing process and governance together.
Reverse bidding allows vendors able to see the bids of others
The company & buyers benefit from vendor competition and gain price advantage
Real estate purchase agreement between buyer and seller.

Post-Bidding Guided Compilation

ATN E-bidding offers comprehensive post-bidding analysis report for the buyer in discovering potentially a long-term commitment to the vendor, for the vendor to makes substantial investments for satisfying the buyer requirements.

Centralize Repository

Create Manage of Supplier profile, working team, item & commodity

Pre-Process Automation

Empower supplier to provide product catalogue, support information and declarations before hand

Consolidated Events

Enable event creation along with supporting documents, participant selection as well as rules configuration

Online & On Demand

Managing Live Bidding exercise with buyers and invited participants via Online Console

Operational Process & Automation

Open Bid & Opportunity Discovery



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