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Automate tedious & numerous expense documents for payment processing.

AGORA E2P is a web-enabled cloud-ready expense-to-pay solution that automates and speed up payments for your voluminous non-PO expense documents e.g. utility bills, invoice without PO, contracts, medical slip, etc. with integration to bank payment system, payment advice and integration to G/L legacy system.

Designed to replace tedious & costly
manual expense-to-payment processing


Expense Capture


Debit & Credit Notes


Donation letters


Verify &

Multi-level Approvel Flow

Purchase Order

Approval Workflow


Payment & GL Update

Delivery Order

Goods Received Note


​AGORA E2P is designed specifically to replace the manual expense-to-payment processing which is tedious, time consuming and costly.

Features at a glance

Automates all kinds of non-PO based invoices, bills & documents

e.g. utility bills, donation, gifts, invoices without PO, etc.

Support electronic payment processing for local and foreign vendors

    Support withholding tax for foreign payments

    Support debit note & credit note related to the payment document

    Support cost allocation of expense to multiple cost centres

      Support integration to backend legacy GL system

        Support payment files generation to payment systems

          multi-currency payments

          Auto-generate payment advice and emailed to vendors or payment recipients

            Value Proposition


            Straight Thru Processing

            • Complete cycle less/within 24 hours
            • Saving TIME and COST

            Huge turnaround time compared to manual processes


              Configurable user matrix & charging rules

              • e.g. Cost allocation

              Approval workflow enable processing


                End-to-end transaction tracking & reporting

                Industry Applications

                With Customers
                (Front Office)

                - Retail Management

                - Loyalty System

                - Payment Gateway

                - Advertising & Campaign

                - Marketing Analytics

                - Logistics

                With Businesses
                (Back Office)

                - P2P (Procure-to-Pay)

                - E2P (Expense-to-Pay)

                - Sourcing

                - Analytics

                - Accounting coming soon

                How P2P Vendor can help you in your industry specifically.

                Social-Business Platform

                Build business relationships with customers and suppliers

                Our platform allows you to connect with other supplier and businesses to form new business relationships.


                Source for goods & materials for your business needs.

                Our marketplace allows you to source for goods and supplies you needed most for your business. With RFQ, eTender, eBidding

                Full Business Digitization

                We can digitize any part of your business without hassle

                We tailor our digitization solutions specific for your business needs, reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

                Quick Onboarding

                Immediate conversion to reduce downtime.

                Our experienced team performs your digitization in the shortest time possible, allowing you to enjoy benefits of digitization earlier in your business.

                All-in-one marketplace

                Quick Onboarding

                Apps Powered by Strateq AI

                Business Community

                Meet new Buyers, Merchants and Sellers

                Instant access to various products and services on a single platform catering for end users (consumers), micro to small businesses and medium to large enterprise

                Accelerate your business transformation with powerful online tools that scale and grows with your business

                Fast on-boarding to connect your customers and suppliers to your business directly

                Online e-learning and AI chatbot to support your online business operations

                Access to an inter-connected online business application and services on a single platform (e.g. Online Storefront, Credit Card & e-Wallet Payment Gateway, KYC, Logistic Services, e-Sourcing – RFQ, eBid, eTender, eProcurement, Marketing Analytics and Campaign, etc.)

                More Business application will be added along the way to bring value to the business community

                Interactive dashboard and reports for business operations and performance monitoring

                Connects your supply chain from start to end – improving speed, efficiency and productivity

                Customer focused with enhanced service level improvements

                Various users benefits from a ATN marketplace to source, evaluate and conclude transactions

                Immediate access to a wider and larger business community catering to end users, consumers, micro to small business and medium to large enterprises

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                Digitize without hassle

                Agora Trade Network (ATN) removes the complexity of digitization, while providing a
                full solution for business of all sizes, at a low-cost.


                Choose the right supplier and build new business relationships within clicks


                Extensive B2B marketplace for your business

                Customer Facing

                Build a digital storefront powered by the latest payment technologies


                Real-time insights to your spendings, earnings, and customer interests

                Key Strengths of Agora E2P


                User Matrix & Charging Rules

                • Add or remove Payment rules on the fly
                • Easily create, configure, update & approve your workflow

                Straight Thru Processing

                • Automate & control the expense-to-payment process
                • End-to-end transaction tracking
                • Payment files generation, GL posting & GST reporting
                • Payment advise emailed to vendors / recipients

                Flexible & Streamlined Process

                • Process all types of expenses
                • Flexible cost allocation template
                • User friendly expense-to-payment process
                • Accurate tracking of the payment process

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