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New Age of Procurement System: Go Digital and Paperless

As the Covid-19 outbreak intensifies, automating procure-to-pay processes is becoming more essential to regain full control and visibility to navigate the crisis during unprecedented times.

ATN Procure-To-Pay (P2P) is an innovative cloud-based solution, which helps organizations to transform the procurement processes, make strategic sourcing, vendor management resilient, and embrace value supplier collaborations.


Here’s how your organization can benefit from ATN Procure-To-Pay (P2P) digital solution:

Digitize and Optimize

Business process automation:

Remove manual steps and roadblocks in the procure-to-pay process
Reduce purchase order cycle time and invoice processing time
Increase first time match rates for invoices for faster invoice approval
Improve supplier relationships
Improve collaboration and communication through the lifecycle of each purchase
Achieving digital transformation and paperless organization sustainably
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Guided Buying Experiences

Automatically guide people in your organization through the shopping experience to always choose the right items from preferred suppliers, or approved vendors, realize contract savings, proper transaction categorization, and automatically routing the purchase requisitions to the correct approvers. Empower your procurement team, remove and digitize the manual steps and ensure compliant, automated workflows in the procurement process.
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User Adoption Made Easy

The easiest to use cloud-based procurement solution to provide your procurement team the user experience that will ensure high user adoption and swift roll out. Intuitive user-friendly dashboards and forms combined with responsive support when you need it means there are no slowdowns as new users are picking it up.

Spend Smarter, Drive Compliance, and Manage Risk

Insightful spend analytics based on real-time data
Avoid risks related to fraud, manual error, and maverick spend
Automated approval workflows with full audit trail tracking of every action
Enforce contract compliance and realize savings
Accountability and compliance in Procure-to-Pay has never been easier

The 7 Digital Adoptions for Agile & Resilient Procurement

1. Automate

Automates all manual processes

2. Structuralize

Structuralize and Standardize your procurement processes

3. Centralize

Vendor and Purchasing Information in a central repository

4. Control

Spends Control and Approval Workflow

5. Dashboard

Information and status of transactions in one view

6. Collaboration

Collaboration with vendors anytime and anywhere

7. Spend Analytics

Get insights from your procurement data

Recommended Plan

P2P AIO Buyer
Standard Plan
  • ✓ 5 users
  • ✓ Request for Quotation (RFQ)
  • ✓ Smart Quotation Comparison
  • ✓ Multiple Level Approval
  • ✓ Auto 3-ways Invoice Matching
  • ✓ FREE P2P Vendor (Premium)
P2P Vendor
Premium Plan
  • ✓ Online Quotation
  • ✓ Comprehensive Vendor Catalogue
  • ✓ Convert Buyer GRN to Vendor Invoice
  • ✓ Order Backlog Tracking
  • ✓ Unlimited Transactions
  • ✓ 12 standard reports


Digitize your procurement process & get started today!