AGORA P2P Solution

AGORA P2P (Procure-to-Pay) brings the benefits of automating your sourcing, purchasing, fulfillment and invoicing processes to the businesses at large.  Buying companies and their vendors can start deriving business values from cost savings, improved productivity and time savings almost immediately.​  ​​AGORA P2P comes with an easy-to-use interface for users to use without lengthy training.  AGORA's well structured process helps businesses to achieve effective and efficient collaboration between buying organisations and its vendors.

​​AGORA was awarded Partners Recognition at the 15th MSC Malaysia IAP on 9-Oct-2012 under Digital Malaysia initiative by MDEC for Shared Cloud Enterprise Services – eProcurement Solution (Digital Malaysia).

Today, businesses can start deriving business values from cost savings, improved productivity and saving time at low cost with AGORA Public SaaS solution.  

"Companies can start deriving business values with cost savings,
improved productivity and time savings with

AGORA - Your Trusted Procurement Platform

AGORA P2P Solution

AGORA P2P is a cloud-base sourcing-procurement solution developed in-house by STRATEQ Group.  The solution is set to replace tedious manual sourcing-procurement tasks and to incorporate a well-structured and in-control process between purchasing organisations and their vendors.​

AGORA P2P is a full web-enabled ‘GST ready’ multi-tenancy cloud-ready sourcing-procurement solution with an inventory module.  The following are key modules in the system:

- Sourcing Module
- Purchase Requisition Module
- Procure Module
- Fulfilment Module
- Invoice Module

AGORA P2P is designed to be a user friendly interface.  It is also designed for quick implementation and deployment; minimising complicated setup efforts.

​AGORA delivers VALUE at a fraction of the COST!  In our current challenging economic climate, your organisations can enjoy cost savings with improved processes; giving you quicker Return on Investment.

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AGORA is designed specifically to replace the traditional purchasing process which can be costly.

AGORA, an end-to-end Procure-to-Pay (P2P) solution, allows procurement officers and buyers of the buying organisations to source and procure office supplies, MRO (maintenance, repair and operation) and indirect material or direct material with the click of a mouse.

AGORA P2P Key Strengths




  • Procurement rules can be added or deleted on the fly
  • Workflow is easily created, configured, updated and approved
  • Automate and control the entire sourcing, purchasing and fulfillment process
  • Get coverage on the entire Procure-To-Pay process
  • Easy to use Request For Quote to Quotation process
  • User friendly Purchase Requistion to Purchase Order process
  • Accurate tracking of the fulfillment process
  • Automated 3-way invoice matching process

AGORA P2P Public SaaS

During our 15 years in the “mid to enterprise level market” eProcurement space, we’ve regretfully had to turn away literally hundreds of small to medium businesses that needed to automate their sourcing, purchasing and fulfillment processes who could not afford even an entry-level electronic procurement system.  That made us re-think the business model.

We wanted to help the business community to get values from electronic procurement systems with minimum effort and cost, hence we created AGORA P2P Public SaaS.  AGORA P2P Public SaaS provides and online marketplace with a full-featured Sourcing and Procurement System that any BUYER company and VENDOR company can afford to use.  Any businesses that buys or sells can setup their account on AGORA and start using the system immediately - saving them time and money especially in today's tight economic climate.  Companies need only to pay a minimal incremental fees for value added services, where applicable.